On Friday, May 27, 2022, the Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Diponegoro held an International Visiting Lecture which was filled by Dr. Onil Nazra Persada Goubier from CIRELA, France. The topic of this International Visiting Lecture is “IoT and Wireless Sensor Network for Environmental Monitoring: Modeling and Simulation”, via Zoom at 14.00 WIB (09.00 French Time). Dr. Onil Nazra Persada Goubier is one of the experts in the IoT field who has many activities abroad, as well as the founder and director of the Non-Government Organization, CIRELA, France, which is engaged in the application of IoT technology for monitoring environmental conditions. Even though the activity was held online, in which the resource persons presented material from Paris, France, the enthusiasm of the participants was quite high with many questions and interactive discussions related to IoT development issues during the session. IoT and wireless sensor networks are technologies that have great potential to be developed and applied in Indonesia, especially to monitor environmental conditions, both in relation to agriculture and also in overcoming potential hazards of natural disasters. Going forward, the International Visiting Lecture this time is expected to be an opening for research collaboration with foreign partners, in particular also to motivate the academic community in the Department of Electrical Engineering UNDIP to work and innovate in the field of developing the Internet of Things.